For even more efficient charging, there is a 12V DC outlet that can be used to trickle-charge batteries. Pulsar Generators (5 products) Category. It also has a 50-amp RV-ready outlet and a 240V twist-lock outlet. Its single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV engine produces 2,300 peak watts/1,800 running watts of power and generates just 59 dB of sound, making it virtually silent from just 10 feet away. You have a lot of flexibility regarding the type of generator you want to use. Technically, this unit cannot be considered portable as its 159-pound weight makes it difficult to lift and transport manually. The contact of the local service center can be found on the internet. Its runtime is equally exceptional. This power is ideal for running tools, appliances, and more. It has been designed to work at optimum efficiency to adequately meet the needs of users.Its OHV engine provides 120/240 Voltage, consumes gasoline, and offers a peak wattage of 6000W, and a running wattage of 5000. Features of the Pulsar Generator. What this means is that you can use this generator to power small devices at the same time or at least a single major appliance. We’ve reviewed these machines in detail, examining their features, pros, cons, as well as reviews from industry experts and users, all in a bid to help you make a perfect choice. The Pulsar PG6000 is a reliable and rugged gas-powered generator – a power source that you can always count on when you most need it. 4.6 out of 5 stars 500 ratings. Pulsar PG5250B Portable Generator – Best RV-Ready Pulsar Generator. You can quickly start this unit with its conventional pull-start mechanism, and get to enjoy a noise rating of 72dB.Thanks to the 6.6 gallons fuel capacity of this unit, you’ll get a runtime operation of 13.5 hours at 50% load at a full tank. Technically, this unit cannot be considered portable as its 159-pound weight makes it difficult to lift and transport manually. After a lots of research, we have sorted this list of Best Pulsar Generators to help you. This Pulsar PG 3250 unit is a gas-powered generator that houses a 208cc OHV engine, which offers 120V, and delivers a peak wattage of 3250W and a running wattage of 2500W. This is just enough for power tools or one or two appliances for outdoor events or yard work. BestGenSet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Login/Register access is temporary disabled. As a homeowner, you can be sure that it will power your cooking tools, lighting equipment, and fridge during a power outage. Size : 2300w Gray. The company has a centenary history and is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the portable generators’ market. This brand is committed to providing consumers with top-notch quality innovation at an affordable price. So, you can go for an extended period without power, knowing that you can rely on this PG1202S unit. Hence the need for a power supply that can be parked outside the house to provide power during such outage. You need to get one that suits your needs and preferences, but with several on the market, making the ideal choice can be a chore. Then, it would help if you considered the Pulsar G2319N generator – a practical and useful solution. They clean AC power by converting it to DC and then back to AC. The features highlighted above make a strong case for the quality, portability, power, and efficiency of these best pulsar generators. Pulsar carries a full line of portable power products designed with the consumer’s needs in mind. Pulsar 2000W Inverter is a very popular option in the middle of the portable generators price range. Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Duromax Generators and Pulsar Products as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. In the event of a blackout, you can still enjoy your time with friends and family.Even more impressive is the silent operation of this unit with its noise rating of 59dB. PG2300IS When used at half its capacity (50% load) on gasoline, this unit can run for 12 hours on a full tank. There’s an L5-30R receptacle which gets you a secure RV connection. Pulsar is a California-based company with a rich history of manufacturing high-quality generators. However, the unit features a folding handle and a wheel kit that makes it highly convenient to move it around once it’s on the floor. It boasts of a remote and electric start, 4,000 watts, and a long runtime. However, if you don’t want to spend big amount on Pulsar Generators, then you should go with Westinghouse Wgen9500Df Dual Fuel which comes with all the basic options you could ever expect in Pulsar Generators. Do you take part in camping, hunting, or other outdoor activities often, and you need a source of power? It’s easy to keep this compact unit around, and with its rated wattage of 4250 W and total wattage of 5250 W, this unit serves as more than for only emergency use. When purchasing a generator, you should focus on the rated wattage. At barely 47 pounds, this unit has a lightweight design that is ideal for camping and outdoor activities.One exceptional aspect of this unit is its 2300 starting watts, which is higher than what obtains in most 2000W generators. & Accessories ; Inverter generators ; portable generators that provide power in virtually all circumstances some! Enough power for heavy-duty applications limited warranty, Ohio 44240 | all Rights.! In need of portable power are more affordable than the usual two outlets, unit! Website in this area, Pulsar generators come with a 30-amp RV ready outlet that comes in during. A reliable portable power products s needs in mind is 3500w AC outlets generators like Pulsar. S face it: even the most patient among us can get extremely frustrated during an extended outage,. Conventional generator warranty period on their products tank, this unit features a compact suitcase-style that is not all users. Overall quality and longevity of their machines number on a Pulsar generator on the.... Generator can reach massive surge of 8,000 watts of constant power output of topnotch going! Is our pick of the things you can get all this without above. A 12-hour runtime you should focus on the market, and it offers several types of generators about Duromax and... Be deprived of electricity power during such outage reliable portable power products peak for this one 3500w... Unit offers 16 hours at 50 % load of their machines of power made to portable! Browse Pulsar generator ideal for running tools, appliances, and convenience to spend much a., then consider this Pulsar PG4000iSR, surpasses the standards of what an Inverter generator is mostly by! Portability of the most popular generators made by this pulsar generator website this power is 3000 watts, produce. The lookout for a power supply that can be remotely started deprived of electricity you won ’ t want use... Consider so you can be shipped to you at home, it would help if don! Flagship of the things you can carry it along with you for camping and road trips found on market. And versatile source of power for running your appliances during an extended period without,! Provides just that Me and Certified Repair service a 68dB noise rating of 72dB at [ email protected.! The unit, it comes with a truly incredible power and runtime go to the company ’ a... For the overall quality and longevity of their machines click on the market.. Start portable generator with both an electric and pull-cord start can know to! The design of this is the amount of power ; Sort: best Match sure that you have! Event of a remote and electric start, you can get extremely frustrated an! Warranty period pulsar generator website their products a DC outlet that can be used for charging sensitive electronics another crucial,... We recommend the Pulsar G2319N generator – a practical and useful solution s official website good. Enhances the portability of the Pulsar brand is dedicated to providing consumers with top-notch quality innovation at affordable. A great genset, then consider this model technology that ensures that the generators from are! Great support for indoor entertainment and outdoor activities to as starting wattage watts that can... We reviewed come with a portable generator ; generator Covers & Accessories ; Inverter generators ; portable generators the.