(Yes, these came from white noise.) Crybaby Bridge – Just outside Ostrander on Stover Road is a bridge where a man is said to have killed his baby. Legend has it that if you drive across the bridge between 11:30 PM and midnight, you can hear the baby crying and it feels as if your car is going to be swept off the bridge. The old covered bridge is a spectacular addition to The Legendary Lights of Historic Clifton Mill. I went here about a little over a year ago when I did this recording. Helltown is another common piece of local lore, but we also have witch’s graves, mysterious creatures, and unsolved murders looming over area gossip. So I never really believed the legends. Today, you can spot it at 2001 Garden Blvd, Lima, OH 45805. The bridge, its windows, roof, sides and bottom are covered in lights of various colors as are pseudo trees which flank the bridge. See All. Ohio, like many states, has its variations of the crybaby bridge stories. Beaver Creek State Park: Arguably the largest haunted site in the state, the ghost town of Sprucevale can be found here with few structural remains but many ghosts. Newsletters Mentioned: One says that long ago a woman tossed her unwanted newborn over the bridge, and now the phantom scene replays here along with the sound of a baby … This particular legend incorporates some classic ghost-related urban legend elements, most notably the references to a crybaby bridge and the footprints left on the car. Cry Baby Bridge is located in Perrytownship in Lima, Ohio. 1. On a fall night in 1854, Jack and Minnie were heading home after a party when they encountered … The story is always twisted in one form another. Although Helltown and its stories are still such popular parts of the mythos that is Ohio paranormal lore, the blossoming Cuyahoga Valley National Park has nearly erased all trace of the … Little Hog Creek TR 251 Bridge ... Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Riley Creek on Main Street (OH 270) in Bluffton Open to traffic Built 1925 by the Pandora Cement Block Company. 6. Bloody Bridge – In the 1850s when the Miami-Erie Canal was still active, two men, Bill Jones and Jack Billings, were competing for the love of Minnie Warren. "[I saw] their deaths as not only justified, but mandated by God," Luff told The Huffington Post from inside the Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio. At the time, I didn't know about EVP'S in white noise. Video of Cry Baby Bridge Lima Ohio 8/2019. Today’s Helltown with its Crybaby Bridge (left) is far less spooky and more inviting for the millions of annual park visitors. Lost pony truss bridge over Little Hog Creek on CR 251 (Lima-Ada Road) Replaced by new bridge Built 1913; rehabilitated 1984; replaced 2003. Photos. Rogue's Hollow Bridge Doylestown, Ohio Rogue's Hollow Bridge, or Crybaby Bridge, has a couple of legends attached to it that may explain the ghostly crying sound heard here. See All. Minnie fell in love with Jack, thus driving a hatred of the couple in Bill. Luff was 29 years old on April 17, 1989 -- the day Lundgren chose for the execution date of his followers Dennis Avery, 49, Dennis' wife Cheryl, 41, and the couple's three … It takes 6 men most of 3 months to put up the display. Crybaby bridges can be found throughout the US, and The Ghosts of Ohio's database contains references to at least 18 such bridges in Ohio alone.